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Spell With Pip

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Spell with Pip is the new spelling game from Oxford University Press which combines practice with arcade-style gameplay, and bright, beautiful graphics.Description• So much fun children won’t even realize they are practising their spelling.• Improve spelling skills and help Pip the Parrot get back to his home in the jungle.• Children will love the vibrant and absorbing gameplay.• Focuses on words that children commonly find hard to spell, based on the latest research from the team behind the world-famous, market-leading Oxford Dictionaries for children.Key Features• Thousands of words to spell – play again and again to earn stars and practise different words each time.• Words become gradually more difficult across the eighteen levels.• The fun ‘arcade-style’ game aids the development of hand-eye coordination. Pip the Parrot follows your finger and flies to the letters floating round the screen to collect them. Rewards for completing a level within a certain time encourages the child to play again and again, practising different words each time.
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